This blog is changing

July 10, 2015 Literature 11

changeRecently I did a video on why I read and I have been thinking about blogging as a result of preparing for filming. I started blogging in 2009 as Knowledge Lost (or at least a version of this on This was a blog I used to explore all the topics I found interesting, from art, literature, philosophy and so on. I used this as a place to try express topics that I have been learning about. For me an effective way of trying to understand a concept was to try and put it into writing.

The title Knowledge Lost was adapted from the title Paradise Lost by John Milton. I decided on this title to symbolise the fact that there is so much to learn and so much knowledge out there that previously was lost to me. As I discover and learn new things, I realise there are so much more to learn so this blog keeps growing and growing. A few years ago I started Literary Exploration as a dedicated book blog, I did this because my passion was always book blogging and I felt it would be a good idea to have this blog separate to the rest of my blogging.

This was a good idea at the time, even if it was purely for selfish reasons like ARCs. I feel like now it is time to abandon this idea. The major problem is that I focus my time on one blog and neglect the other which is a major problem because I want to explore more than literature and that brings me to my major decision. Over the next coming weeks Literary Exploration and all the content will be moved to Knowledge Lost and then I will be redirecting the domain to the newly merged blogs.

I know Literary Exploration is a bigger blog but the title feels too restrictive. Knowledge Lost will allow me the freedom to explore topics (even new ones) and even try my hand at movie reviewing or whatever takes my fancy. This has sparked a new excitement towards blogging which has been lost for a few months. I will still record all my book reviews as per normal but I hope to be more than a book blog. A collection of all my thoughts and autodidactic ventures. I hope this transition will go smoothly but I wanted to make people aware of what is happening, just in case things do not happen as expected. If you head over to Knowledge Lost now, you will be able to witness the transformation as it is happening, just beware my theme and some of my plugins have not been transferred just yet. This will also include changing my YouTube name to Knowledge Lost as well.

Thank you and I hope you all stick around for this exciting change.